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When I saw her paintings and drawings on Facebook, I said, We sould show her art to our Nightwish fans, because it is extraordinary and awesome.

I asked Oly to introduce herself and her art.

She is a wonderful person, who sent immediately her introduction, and answered our questions.

Here You can read these words came from her heart:

I stumbled upon Nightwish on Facebook. And don’t even know why…Why I wanted to hear it. But now this music has become my life. I get inspiration from Nightwish,

learn to dream, which previously did not know how to do. This music helps me cope with all difficulties of my life and also accompany and support me in success, joy.

NW – my only real friend who is always there. I look at myself now and when I didn’t listen to Nightwish and understand that without this music, I would have been completely different person and I didn’t have anything of what I have now. I told myself: “thanks God that I heard NW! Without this music I could not find myself”. Even now, when i have internal problems Nw helps me not to lose my heart, fight for what I believe in, and strive towards goals.

This amazing music from which arise fantastic images and pictures in your head… melodies which carry you in Imaginarium;) these songs have a lot of sense, you’ll always find the right words in the text, that you need now. God, it’s so hard to express it in English!!! So, in general, I want to say “thanks” to this PERFECT band for what they create!

When did You first hear the music of Nightwish? Do You remember the first song?

 It was in 2011 (8 years ago already!) I found this band on Facebook. Oddly enough but yes. I remember the first three songs: Deep Silent Complete, Nemo, Wishmaster.

Do you have a favourite Nightwish song and album?

 Oh… as all you, guys, know, this is really complicated question!

But I will call “Imaginaerum” cause this was my first album I was waiting for so much. This album was magical for me!

I imagined various pictures in my head while listening to this album.I love

the atmosphere in the album. and unusual and unique style, a bit different from previous albums. And I can call “The Islander” and “Song of myself” as my favorite songs. And, by the way, “ I want my tears back” is on my phone call.

Can You tell us about the time, when You were in Kitee in KIMAF? What did You feel, when You met Tuomas there? Was it the first time?

Well, it was in July 2014 when I visit this wonderful event for the first time! I met a lot of amazing and talented people there. And the most important for me was the fact that all of them were listening to Nightwish. I felt so lonely at my studying place. None listened to the music like me, I didn’t have soulmate people there. But everything has changed after visiting Kitee. I got new friends there, took part in the exhibition related to NW music, I enjoyed Finnish’ nature and new company. And yes, I met the whole band there for the first time!! I was speechless and shocked when I saw them all together! I was totally into NW music on that time! So it was unbelievable for me to meet my idols face to face! Not on the concert! OMG! I still remember my feelings!

When did you meet the band?

I met the whole band there, in Kitee. I was so shy to talk to them, but I gave all of them my drawings and took so photos! It was the best day in my life! Really! In 2014 I was working on a series of works related to Tuomas’ solo album, so I gave Maestro the original drawing (my vision) of his track “Into the West” And he really liked it! Hope he has this drawing somewhere! And all of them!!

I meet Tuomas Holopainen in Kitee last year too!

That was my second participation in KIMAF. I just took signature and photo with Maestro!

That’s a little bit strange, but was at their live concert only in 2015 in Finland! And the show was amazing!

 When did You, or your parents recognized, you are a talented in these art?

 Well, my parents knew I can draw! Haha! I studied in Art school. But I didn’t like to show them my drawings. What I can say…I was a teenager! lol

What kind of technics do you paint and draw with?

 I was searching for my techniques and style, so I tried so many variants of expression my thoughts. Drawing with graphite pencils and digital drawing are my favorite at the moment. I still learn how to use graphic tablet but I’m enjoying the process of drawing so much!

Has your art changed when You knew the music of Nightwish?

Of course! After becoming acquainted with the group, I began to go in the direction of expressing my emotions after listening to a particular composition. I began to dream more, imagine different stories during listening to this band. I started search for myself.

Nightwish had (and still has) a big influence on my drawing style. all you see now is a long process of becoming myself, and I’m forever grateful to this group for that.

She is not only on Facebook, but on Instagram, too, and she has a website.



Instagram: @olga.hn

Her website has an English version as well.


If you want to give a unique present to your parents, friends, lovers or to make yourself happy.

Her website is definitely for you, where you can check her portfolio and get all information.