The Agonist – Afrodite exkluzív interjúja Vicky Psarakis-sal

/The Agonist – Afrodite exkluzív interjúja Vicky Psarakis-sal
The Agonist – Afrodite exkluzív interjúja Vicky Psarakis-sal 2017-10-14T21:50:22+00:00

Afrodite a The Agonist  budapesti koncertje után beszélgetett Vicky Psarakis-sal. Ebből az exkluzív interjúból láthattok részletet.

Gratulálunk Afrodite-nek az interjúhoz. A fotókat Tepliczky Péternek köszönhetjük. Készítsetek még sok-sok metál interjút! 🙂

The Female Metal Voices Tour 2017 has begun last week at Dürer Kert, Budapest. Luckily we had a possibility to do an exclusive interview with Vicky Psarakis, the frontwoman of The Agonist.  The lovely Greek American singer answered to our several questions after the show.

How do you feel yourself after the show? 

Well, the show was great, it was fantastic. I really liked the crowd and everyone’s energy. It was a really good start to this tour, I hope all shows will like this. (smiles)

You have been here in Hungary once – how much is it different now?

The last time I was here was two years ago. We were playing the same venue but I was really-really sick. Actually I think I was laying on this couch here and the paramedics came. I wasn’t able to do the show, finally the guys made the show without me, which sucks but I couldn’t stand up and I had to miss 3 shows then I think – and this was one of them. But it was a good experience because everyone took care of me over here, everyone was so friendly and nice, so it’s so nice to be back and actually play the show this time. (laugh)

Touring life could be really tough. How do you survive these periods and how do you keep yourself healthy?”

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